Attractive urban spaces!

Good, functional design adds value to urban spaces. It inspires and enriches.
And it helps create attractive urban spaces with facilities that are meant to be used.

At VEKSØ, we strive to create elegant and functional high-quality design solutions for people
who want to use the urban environment and enjoy city life – perhaps from a bench on a sunny day
or escaping the rain in a bus shelter or after a bicycle ride when the bike's to be parked.

Our towns and cities are constantly changing. As is city life and the way we use urban spaces.
In close partnership with designers and architects, VEKSØ continually develops new products,
incorporating new functions and using new materials, new shapes and new technologies.

Our mission – "Enriching urban life" – is to enrich people's lives wherever they go and wherever they meet.

This catalogue of urban furniture and cycling products is just part of our overall approach to
urban spaces and city life, which also includes:

Lighting catalogue - with indoor and outdoor lighting products.